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Art ACT Research document


Saskia Stehouwer & Will Kranendonk


This research aims to create a poetic map of spaces and voices in Flanders and the Netherlands that form the starting point of projects at the crossroads of ecology and poetry (possibly combined with other art forms). In this way it will elaborate on the central aims that we, de Klimaatdichters (Climate Poets) and Poëziecentrum Gent (Ghent Poetry Center), have formulated for our ArtAct project: to focus on climate poetry from a more-than-human perspective, engaging in conversation with, and giving a voice to, spaces and landscapes, in order to inspire climate awareness and action in an innovative and creative manner.


The point of departure for this research was formed by projects in the public space, or virtual space, that explore the interaction between animals, plants, time, climate, nature, and humans. By focusing on the spaces in which these projects develop, we aspire to venture beyond a human-centered way of looking, thinking and experiencing, in order to deepen our connection to other life forms.


In this research, the Klimaatdichters (Climate poets) describe a number of projects by Dutch and Flemish poets that meet the criteria mentioned above, and combine these into a poetic (textual) road map, supported by an introduction and relevant quotations.

You can read the full text by clicking on the pdf-button.

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